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Hello Red Foxes,

The parent meeting scheduled for tomorrow is cancelled. Thank you to those that RSVP'd for the meeting (both Yes and No) and thank you very much to those of you that contacted me directly that you wanted to come but could not make it due to other obligations. I appreciate the fact that everyone has busy schedules and other commitments, especially with kid's activities. The basis for this meeting is very important and we are planning to reschedule it for a little later in the fall. We'll make sure to give everyone a little more notice and we'll most likely schedule it for a Sunday afternoon when people's schedules might be a little more open. The club would like the swim team to run more autonomously moving forward and for this reason it is vital that we develop a swim team parent committee and identify individuals willing to take on specific roles for our team.

FYI, the GKAISA fall membership meeting is coming up on September 25th. We'll be sure to let you know of any important information that comes from that meeting. One item that will be discussed is the team website platform that many teams have been using. is the developer of the website software that our team and many other GKAISA teams has been using for many years for team management and more recently running swim meets. was recently purchased by SwimTopia, another company that does swim team management software. We will be evaluating the possibility of transitioning to SwimTopia. If any of our team parents has a tech background and would be willing to help us assess the next steps, please let me know. We need to make a decision before the end of the year when the platform will be shut down.

As always, if you have any thoughts, questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to myself, Blair Kerr or Rob Burris.



FDRF Leadership Positions
 posted by: George Frank on 9/13/17 3:05 PM
Fox Den Swim Team Parent Meeting-Thursday, September 14

Hello Red Foxes,

It's hard to believe that a month has already passed since the end of the very successful 2017 swim season for the Fox Den Red Foxes. Please take a look at the attached preview of the September issue of the Fox Den Bugle, the entire front page was dedicated to some of the many successes of this year's team and many individual achievements. It was a wonderful summer and we'd like to once again thank all of the swimmers, coaches and parents for all of their hard work and dedication in helping to achieve all of these successes. It is time to take a look back at this past season and also look forward to the future, therefore we will be holding a team parent meeting at Fox Den Country Club on Thursday, September 14 at 6:00pm. Please make plans to attend and actively participate in the future of our team.

With all of the success, this summer was not without some challenges due to a number of factors such as the largest team in Fox Den history, many previous and ongoing changes at the club, and looking forward, changes taking place within GKAISA and our move to League 2 next year. While Blair Kerr, Rob Burris and myself have willingly taken on many roles in helping run the swim team, it has gotten to a point where the team needs a more formalized committee of additional committed parents providing leadership and assuming responsibility for the many tasks involved in running our team successfully. I've attached a listing of some of the leadership opportunities for your review. All of these are open for discussion and revision as necessary. Some roles may entail a couple hours a week and some may be done by multiple people.

As we look to next year, I'm not sure if my daughter Meg will still be swimming with the Red Foxes as she focuses more on club volleyball and potentially high school volleyball and the increasing commitments that come with those throughout the summer. Blair's growing family responsibilities will limit her availability and Rob's increasing family and business commitments have also continued to grow. While all of us still plan to be involved in some degree with the team next year, we feel this is a good time to have others step forward to help further our team's success.

We'd like to use the meeting next Thursday as an opportunity to receive feedback from everyone on this year, concerns for the future, discussion of creating a swim team committee, and some of the roles that need to be assumed by parents. We're planning to have a more comprehensive plan together by the end of the year so that the committee and parents will be ready to assume their roles towards the end of January as we get things rolling for next year.

Please RSVP on the team homepage for this important meeting so we can prepare appropriately. We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday! If you cannot attend the meeting, but still would like to be involved, please feel free to send any comments, concerns or indicate your willingness to assume one of the leadership roles for the team. Please feel free to email me at or call or text at 865-300-8959.



Bugle Swim Team
FDRF Leadership Positions
 posted by: George Frank on 9/7/17 1:17 PM
Farragut High School Swim Team Meeting 8/29/2017

Hello Red Foxes,

There will be a Farragut High School Swim Team informational meeting tomorrow night, Tuesday, August 29 at 7:30pm at the Farragut...   more

 posted by: George Frank on 8/28/17 9:51 PM
Team NewsAll News...  
2017 City Meet Finals

Hello Red Foxes,

What an exciting Friday and Saturday at City Meet! Every one of our swimmers gave their all this weekend and we are proud of all of them and pleased to announce that 68 of our 98 swimmers will be returning to City Meet on Sunday to swim for points in the City Meet Championship and Consolation Rounds. I've attached a summary of the returning finalists and alternates which shows their event # and their placement from the preliminary rounds. Those that placed 1-8 will compete in the Heat 2 Championship Final and those that placed 9-16 will compete in the Heat 1 Consolation Final for their events. Also attached to this email is the City Meet Finals heat sheet for Sunday's events.

Once again, our warm-ups will be at 8:10, we will warm-up in lanes 5-7 in the scoreboard pool and lane 6 in the championship pool. Check-in will begin in the team tent at 7:30. ALL SWIMMERS MUST BE CHECKED IN FOR WARM-UPS BY 8:00AM SO THAT THEY CAN PROCEED TO THE POOL AS A TEAM FOR WARM-UPS. Do not go directly to the pool, all swimmers must be escorted into the pool by a coach for warm-ups. The timeline for Sunday's Events is also attached showing the ESTIMATED time that each event will swim. Please make sure that your swimmer has checked into the team tent at least 90 minutes before their scheduled swim time.

There are still Sunday worker shifts that need to be filled, please go online and under the swim meets tab, select City Meet and volunteer to work. If you did not work on Friday or Saturday, you WILL be expected to work on Sunday!

If you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact Coach Isaac at 865-705-4381 or myself at 865-300-8959. If you have any questions regarding worker responsibilities, please contact Rob Burris at 865-805-3601.


 posted by: George Frank on 7/29/17 4:08 PM
Sunday Volunteers-confirm on pdf and sign up

First, congratulations to all the City Swimmers.  George will be emailing a re-cap later this evening but my job is to get the Volunteer list completed and now we know who all is coming back. It's going to be an exciting day and long day but shifts are DIFFERENT BECAUSE WE HAVE 4 SESSIONS VS 3.  The attached form may read like 2 sessions to you but understand it's 4 regarding Clerk of Course and it's finals tent so all combined. It goes like this: 9-11, 11-1, 1-3, 3 until over.  These spots must be filled or team gets a deduction of points.

Please take the this opportunity now and sign up, please.

Thanks and see you in am!

Rob Burris

cell: 865-805-3601

ps, if you have any stop watches that were kept by mistake , bring tomorrow or to party Monday.

 posted by: Rob Burris on 7/29/17 2:38 PM
City Meet Volunteer Reminder/Info

Hello Red Foxes,

First, thank you all for volunteering to work this weekend at City Meet, just like all of our regular meets, this exciting event...   more

 posted by: George Frank on 7/27/17 4:03 PM
End of Year Celebration/Final City Meet Info

Hello Red Foxes,

I'm combining two emails into one this evening. The first part is for everyone and the latter parts are for those participating in City Meet.

END OF SEASON CELEBRATION/COAHES GIFTS: We need to get an accurate count to order the food for the End of Season Celebration taking place at the Fox Den pool on Monday, July 31 from 5:30-9:00. If you have not yet RSVP'd YES or NO online please do so right away and please be sure to indicate how many adults (12 years +) and how many children. The cost is $5 per person or $15 max per family. Payment for Monday's party should be made to George Frank or Blair Kerr in cash or check payable to George Frank. If you cannot get online to RSVP, feel free to text George at 865-300-8959. Also, we are still collecting money for gifts for our six coaches. We are suggesting a $20-$25 contribution per swimmer, or whatever you feel appropriate. Once again you can make payment to George Frank or Blair Kerr in cash or check payable to George Frank. If you cannot bring payment to practice tomorrow or City Meet this weekend, please feel free to drop it off at the front desk of the club. Feel free to text me at 865-300-8959 about any of this.

IMPORTANT CITY MEET INFORMATION: GKAISA has announced that the official twitter page for city meet will be @GKAISACITYMEET.  Please follow this account for up to date events and other important announcements.  They will not be using any other social media during the meet.

I've attached the 2017 City Meet Timeline for all three days of City Meet. Please take note of the ESTIMATED start times for each event in the GIRLS and BOYS pools for the preliminary rounds on Friday and Saturday and the combined FINALS on Sunday which will all be swum in the same (Girls) pool.

As I mentioned earlier today in text messages, our team tent will be in the same location as last year, on the plaza between the Student Aquatics Center and the outdoor pool. I suggest that you drop off your swimmers and gear at the circle drive in the SAC parking lot and then proceed to the off-site parking on Metron Center Way area near Tyson McGhee Park near the train tracks on Cumberland Ave. Check-in will begin at 7:30 on all days, so there will be adults in the tent to watch your children while you park and take the shuttle back. Our team tent is the maximum size allowed by GKAISA and we have more swimmers this year then previous years. The team tent might be very crowded, so in addition to foldable chairs you might want to bring a canopy to set up near the team tent. 

We hope everyone will have a great time at the GKAISA City Championship this weekend! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or text or call me at 865-300-8959. If you have any questions about the volunteer positions, please contact Rob Burris at 865-805-3601. If you have any questions in regards to the events your swimmer will be swimming, please contact Coach Isaac at 865-705-4381.


 posted by: George Frank on 7/26/17 8:06 PM

Hello City Meet Bound Red Foxes,

Two more days of practice and then the culmination of the summer swim season begins with the 11 and Up preliminary round on Friday followed by the 10 and Under preliminary round on Saturday. The finals will take place on Sunday, July 30th with the top 16 swimmers or relay teams from each event invited back to compete for points for their teams. We have a larger contingent participating in City Meet this year and we're expecting good results with many swimmers coming back on Sunday. The heat looks like it will lessen for this weekend, but as always this time of year there will be a chance of thunderstorms. Irregardless of the weather we are all looking forward to a fun and exciting weekend.

WORKER ASSIGNMENTS: We still have several worker positions for all days that need to be filled, especially for Friday, so please go online and sign up to work, remember all families are required to work at City Meet. If you will not be attending the preliminary round with your swimmer, please make sure you text Rob Burris so that we don't assign you to any unfilled positions on Thursday. If your swimmer qualifies for the finals on Sunday, we ask that you please go online and sign up for one of the worker positions as soon as possible. As a team we are fined for any unfilled worker positions, so it is very important that they are covered.

PARKING//TRAFFIC FLOW/TENT LOCATION AT CITY MEET: Once again City Meet parking will be along Metron Center Way near Tyson McGhee Park with shuttle busses running throughout the day. GKAISA has promised moire shuttles during peak arrival and departure times this year, but still plan on giving yourselves a little extra time getting to and from City Meet. I recommend that if at all possible you drop off your swimmers near the team tent and then proceed to parking. There are no special tickets or badges needed to ride the shuttles. While not yet confirmed, I'm assuming our tent will be located in the same spot as last year, on the upper plaza between the Student Aquatic Center and the outdoor pool, near the SAC parking lot, it is fairly close to the Clerk of Course area. If this changes, we will notify you via text message. Due to the traffic and parking changes, there will be several more tents located on the SAC Plaza this year, so please make sure that your swimmers stay near the team tent. I've attached a document that provides three maps of the area showing parking, traffic flow and (tentative) tent location.

FINAL LINE-UPS: The final listing of all swimmer's events is attached. There were a couple changes from the listing shared over the weekend, so take a look to make sure you know what events your swimmer will be swimming.

SCHEDULE AT CITY MEET: Check-in on all three days of City Meet will begin at 7:30am. Our warm-ups will take place on Friday and Saturday from 8:10-8:25 in lanes 7-9 of the boys pool (scoreboard end), and lanes 5-7 on Sunday at the same time. We will leave the tent as a team at 8:00am for warm-ups. DO NOT go directly to the pool for warm-ups, swimmers MUST be escorted into the pool area by a coach for warm-ups. ALL SWIMMERS MUST BE CHECKED IN AT THE TEAM TENT BY 7:$5. DO NOT BE LATE! I've attached the Daily Schedule with more information about worker meetings and warm-ups. The meet will begin promptly at 9:00. I have not yet received the Meet Session Reports from GKAISA which provide an estimated start time for each event on the Boys and Girls courses. When I receive them, I will post them on the team website and notify everyone by text.

CITY MEET T-SHIRTS: For those of you that have pre-ordered City Meet Championship t-shirts, we will be picking them up first thing in the morning and passing them out in the team tent when your swimmer checks in. We've been told there may be some City Meet t-shirts available inside the AJIAC during the meet. If you are planning to buy one, I suggest you do it first thing in the morning as I've heard the supply will be limited.

PSYCH SHEET: I've posted the entire GKAISA Psych Sheet on the home page of the team website. The Psych Sheet shows where your swimmer is seeded compared to the other swimmers in that event. USE THIS DOCUMENT CAREFULLY, some kids like to use this information to get excited and know where they stand going into their events, some kids can also get a little freaked out about and put too much pressure on themselves. Also, sometimes this information may not be completely accurate. We'll let you decide if you want to bring this to your swimmer's attention.


The meet will begin promptly at 9:00am. The first events will be Mixed Free Relays. Swimmers in the Mixed Free Relays need to report to the Clerk of Course area by 8:45. GKAISA will be announcing "first", "second" and "final" calls for the events. In the past they broadcast the events through radio and by Twitter and I'm assuming they will do they same this year. We will have a radio located in the team tent and will be making sure that the swimmers are kept aware of when to report to the Clerk of Course area.

It is a long day, so  please be prepared. Bassed on past experience, we expect Friday's preliminaries ending at about 3:30 for the girls and 2:15 for the boys and Saturday's preliminaries ending at about 1:30 for the girls and about 1:15 for the boys. Once again, the daily schedule and event schedules (Session Reports) will be posted on the team website.

We will be outside and it will be warm and possibly humid, it is very important that everyone stays hydrated. We recommend that the swimmers alternate between water and sports drinks and avoid soft drinks as much as possible. Bring plenty of snacks to keep your energy levels up. Fruits and vegetables are good to eat (frozen grapes are good in many ways). Try not to eat too much meat during the day, as meats require more energy to break down. Simple carbs break down easier and provide good energy. Protein bars and other healthy snack bars are also good foods during the meets. We will have a cooler of small bottled water available in the team tent for the swimmers to grab as they head to Clerk of Course. They can throw those away and not have to worry about losing their water bottles.

It is also a good idea to not wear your swim caps between your events as they tend to hold the heat in around your head. Also, it is a good idea to go to the bathroom before reporting to the Clerk of Course. The pool area and the pool water will be much cooler than the outside temperature and when going from warm to cool you may feel the need to pee, and that's not good when you are jumping into a pool. (Sorry, no way to sugarcoat that one.)

Please have the kids bring games, books, cards, etc to keep themselves from being bored. Also, make sure that you bring your chairs, extra towels, blankets, sunscreen, coolers with drinks and food and whatever else you might need to stay comfortable. It is best that they take it easy during the meet as it will be a long day for everyone.

We hope everyone will have a great time at the GKAISA City Championship this weekend! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or text or call me at 865-300-8959. If you have any questions about the volunteer positions, please contact Rob Burris at 865-805-3601. If you have any questions in regards to the events your swimmer will be swimming, please contact Coach Isaac at 865-705-4381.


PS: Don't forget to RSVP for Monday's End of Season Celebration and donate for the coaches gifts. Contact George Frank for both of these at 865-300-8959.


 posted by: George Frank on 7/25/17 6:13 PM
City Meet Worker Positions are Posted-Please Volunteer ASAP

Hello City Meet Bound Red Foxes,

We have received our worker assignments for this weekend's City Meet from GKAISA. They are posted on the team website now, please go online right away and volunteer to work your shift. Please remember, each family with a swimmer at City Meet is expected to work one of the shifts assigned to our team by GKAISA. If you are unable to fulfill your volunteer obligation, please text Rob Burris right away at 865-805-3601. Rob will get back to you ASAP to discuss further. I've attached the GKAISA Team Worker Assignments document with the relevant information for our worker responsibilities highlighted. Below is a summary of our team's worker assignments:

  • Head Timer - Friday Boys Pool (1 worker/3 shifts)
  • Clerk of Course - Friday Girls Tent (2 workers/3 shifts)
  • Clerk of Course - Saturday Girls Tent (2 workers/3 shifts)
  • Clerk of Course - Sunday Girls Tent (2 workers/4 shifts)
  • Relay Jump Judge - Saturday Girls Pool (1 worker for each set of relays; mixed/medley/free)
  • Relay Jump Judge - Sunday Finals Pool (1 worker for each set of relays; mixed/medley/free)
  • Timer - Friday Boys Pool Lane 2 (2 workers/3 shifts)
  • Timer - Saturday Boys Pool Lane 2 (2 workers/3 shifts)

That is 41 positions that need to be filled, we are counting on every family to do their part this weekend and sign up to work. If we do not get the volunteers we need by noon on Thursday we will assign the positions to the parents of the swimmers for each respective day. Believe me, that is one more task that we DO NOT want to have to deal with this week. Thank you in advance for volunteering.

Please keep an eye out for additional emails this week with important information about the 2017 City Meet.


 posted by: George Frank on 7/24/17 9:20 PM
Details on End of Season Party and Coaches Gifts

WHAT- End of Season Swim Team Pool Party

WHENMonday, July 31st from 5:30-9:00pm

WHEREFox Den Pool

WHO- All swimmers & their families are invited to attend

COST- We are asking for a cash (or check payable to GEORGE FRANK) contribution of $5 per person with a $15 per family maximum to cover the cost of the pizza and drinks. Please bring $ to Blair Kerr or George Frank at practice or drop them at the front desk of the club. We will also be collecting tonight before the meet at Gettysvue during check-in.

RSVP- Please RSVP to the event on the team website. It can be found on the homepage and under the calendar or swim meets tabs. Please go online and indicate "YES" or "NO" if you will be attending the party. When you RSVP, please indicate how many adults (12 years and up) and children (11 and under) that will be attending so that we have an accurate count for ordering the food. Please RSVP and turn in your contribution for the party by Thursday, July 27th.


We'll also be asking for donations of desserts for the party. Please watch your email next week for more on this.

COACHES GIFTS- At the End-of-Year Party, we would also like to express our appreciation to our coaches for all of the guidance and instruction that they provided to our children this summer. We are asking for a cash (or check payable to GEORGE FRANK) contribution that will be split among the coaches. As we have six coaches this year, we are suggesting a $20-25 contribution per swimmer, or whatever amount you feel is appropriate. Let's show the coaches how much we appreciate their efforts that have led to the success that we've enjoyed this year! Please bring your contributions to George Frank or Blair Kerr at practice or drop them at the front desk of the club. Please indicate if your contribution is for the party, the coaches or both. Please turn in your contribution by Thursday, July 27th.


Please let me know if you have any questions Thank you :)

 posted by: George Frank on 7/19/17 10:23 AM
Gettysvue/City Meet/End of Season Celebration

Hello Red Foxes,

We are going to have an exciting last couple weeks to our summer swim season! An awesome return last weekend to the Smoky Mountain Invitational, second place overall and formally recognized as SMI League 3 Champions. We are looking to continue last weekend's success tomorrow night as we take on the Gettysvue Gliders for the GKAISA League 3 Champion title. Both of our teams are 4-0 going into this meet, the winner will be crowned league champion. We need ALL RED FOXES, parents and swimmers, to do everything they can to contribute tomorrow night! WE MUST DEFEND THE DEN!!!

Tomorrow night will be very hot, please make sure that your swimmers stay hydrated. Water is better than Gatorade or other power drinks. Keep the swim caps off until it's time to swim, and try to keep them out of the sun and from running around. It might be helpful to bring games or other activities for the younger kids to keep them occupied between events. It seems that there is not much shade around the Gettysvue pool, so if you have canopies, please bring them and set them up as space allows and please share them with other team members.

For those of you that will be participating in City Meet, please keep an eye on your email for other important information regarding worker assignments, warm-up times, etc. Also, if you are interested in taking advantage of the healthy and delicious food options that I mentioned in an email yesterday, please remember the deadline to pre-order is Friday at 11:00am. Blair Kerr and I can help you with that at practices this week.

Also, please make sure that you are planning to attend the End of Season Celebration on Monday, July 31st, from 5:30-9:00pm. You can RSVP on the team website. We'll be sending a separate email out with details on this very soon. Included in this will be a request for contributions for coaches gifts.


 posted by: George Frank on 7/18/17 8:13 PM
Volunteers-confirm your name or sign up-see pdf


The following spots below are open and need filled ASAP.  We have 108 swimmers tomorrow night so really no reason for spots to still be open.  I need first for you to take the time to open the PDF and see if your name is listed because that's telling me you will be there. If your name is listed by mistake and your not attending then contact me ASAP.  If your sitting next to someone at the meet that you know has not worked then tell them to work for you! If you are one of the folks who have not worked then sign up.  If you have worked every meet and want the night off then take it because I get it.  Most of the same names are listed again to work and I thank you in advance for doing so.  

-card parent- inc's both session relays (just help round up little kids for relays at clerk of course)

-clerk of course- one spot 1st session and ALL 3 OPEN 2nd session and 2nd is always easier!!

-scribe- 2nd session

-timer- 1st session

Good night and lets get r done tomorrow night!!

Rob Burris (865-805-3601 via text is best)






 posted by: Rob Burris on 7/18/17 8:12 PM
City Meet Healthy Food Options: Pre-order by Friday

Hello City Meet Bound Red Foxes,

Karen Sproles, the mother of a good friend of mine, used to own and operate the Lunchbox Restaurant/Catering businesses...   more

 posted by: George Frank on 7/17/17 12:53 PM
GCC Meet Details/Last Call City Meet

Hello Red Foxes,

Attached is the welcome letter from Gettysvue Country Club with important details for our upcoming meet on Wednesday, July 19. Check-in...   more

 posted by: George Frank on 7/15/17 8:18 AM
Lost Tablet @ WSY meet + Volunteer logs-see all attachments


A mini blue tablet was turned in to us at our tent last pm.  If your child is missing one, please text me. See attached photo.

SMOKY MNT MEET-  spots open Saturday and Sunday.  If your child is swimming, you need to sign up and it does not matter if you have worked other regular meets. This is separate just like when City Meet comes soon.  Text me if you can not log in and I'll put you down.-see attachment.

Gettysvue  Meet- lots of spots open-see attachment.   

A very big special thanks again to the parents that always work!!   If you have not worked any meets then DO YOUR PART! 


Rob Burris cell: 865-805-3601



 posted by: Rob Burris on 7/12/17 8:38 PM
Smoky Mountain Invitational Information

Hello Red Foxes,

Coach Isaac was having trouble getting the SMI line-ups out earlier. I've attached them to this email along with our warm-up...   more

 posted by: George Frank on 7/10/17 11:17 AM
Meet Details: West Side Y, Tuesday, July 11/City Meet Shirts

Hello Red Foxes,

Our swimmers and coaches are doing a great job this year in posting a 3-0 record going into the final two swim meets of the year. Both of our remaining regular meets with West Side Y, Tuesday, July 11 and Gettysvue, Wednesday, July 19 will be challenging and we'll need all swimmers and families supporting our team as we continue towards our goal of winning League 3.

Attached is the welcome letter from West Side Y with a lot of important and useful information about our meet there on Tuesday, July 11. Please take a minute to review the information so that we'll be ready for a smooth meet. Please remember swimmer and volunteer check-in begins at 5:00pm, with Fox Den warm-ups beginning at 5:30 and the workers meeting at 5:40. There are still a few worker positions open beyond what WSY requires from us, so if you have not volunteered for this meet, please go online and do so right away.

The GKAISA City Meet Championship is quickly approaching and we are now taking orders for the City Meet T-Shirt which are available for $15 each. A sample picture of this year's shirt is attached. The shirts are customized with a complete list of City Meet participants for each of the respective days of the preliminary events, Friday, July 28 for the 11 and Up swimmers, and Saturday, July 29 for the 10 and Under swimmers. The shirts are available in the following sizes; YS, YM, YL, AS, AM, AL, AXL, A2XL and A3XL. The deadline for ordering your t-shirts will be 11:00am on Monday, July 17. Payment must be received by the deadline for your shirts to be ordered. Your can pay by cash, check payable to Fox Den CC or your can charge it to your FDCC member account. Blair Kerr will be accepting orders by email at, text at 865-660-4469, or during practices up to the deadline on July 17. 

We will be receiving additional information over the next several days and weeks in regards to our worker commitments for both the Smoky Mountain Invitational and the GKAISA City Meet Championship. Please remember, if your swimmer(s) are participating in either of these meets, you are expected to volunteer to work during these meets. Please help us out by volunteering when we share this information with you. Other information and details of these meets will also be communicated to you as soon as we receive it.

On a final note, we are more than half way through our swim season. ALL OF OUR SWIM MEET DATES AND DEADLINES HAVE BEEN POSTED ON THE TEAM WEBSITE AND SHARED WITH EVERYONE THROUGH EMAIL. Many of you have been very diligent in getting your swimmers RSVPd for the meets and fulfilling your required volunteer obligations and often more, we thank those of you very much for that. However, there are too many swimmers and parents that still have not RSVPd for the upcoming meets or have not fulfilled the volunteer commitments that you agreed to when registering you swimmers, please take a minute and make sure that your swimmers are RSVPd for the remaining meets and that you have volunteered to work as necessary. Any volunteer issues should be communicated to Rob Burris via text at 865-805-3601. If you have any questions, or are having problems with the website, please feel free to contact me via email at or text at 865-300-8959, or Rob Burris via text. Thank you in advance for your attention to these matters.

I'm sure we are all looking forward to a fun and exciting conclusion of our season and let's keep supporting our swimmers and the team.



 posted by: George Frank on 7/7/17 11:18 AM
Busy Week Coming Up for Red Foxes

Hello Red Foxes,

What a great win last night against Crestwood Hills! A strong victory with a score of 458-256. Our early success has been a testament to the great swimmers, dedicated parents and our wonderful coaches who are committed to helping our children accomplish new goals on a daily basis. Thank you all last night for your patience during our brief weather delay and especially for keeping on top of things as we experienced technical difficulties with our PA system, all the swimmers and parents seemed to always be where they needed to be when we needed them to be there. Once again, I was proud of all of the Red Foxes and their families when I received many compliments from our visiting guests.

NEXT MEET @ GULFWOOD, THURSDAY, JULY 6: The deadline to register for this meet is TODAY, JUNE 30 AT 6:00PM. The early deadline is so the coaches can get the line-ups done early and enjoy the holiday with their families, so please make sure that you RSVP today. There are still quite a few volunteer positions that need to be filled for this meet, so make sure you sign up to help when you RSVP your swimmer today.

PRACTICES NEXT WEEK: The club is open on Monday, July 3 so we will be adjusting our practice schedule. We will have all 10 and Under swimmers practice at 9:00am and all 11 and Up swimmers practice at 9:45. There will be no practice on Tuesday, July 4 and we will resume our regular practice times on Wednesday, July 5.

SMOKY MOUNTAIN INVITATIONAL, JULY 15-16: The deadline to register for this meet is WEDNESDAY, JULY 5 AT 11:00AM. We need to pay our registration fee and tent rental fee ON JULY 5, so we cannot add any swimmers for this meet after the 11:00am deadline on July 5. You must pay your $15 per swimmer registration fee by the deadline to Blair Kerr or George Frank by cash or check payable to Fox Den CC or indicate that you would like to charge it to your club account. If we have not heard from you about your payment, your swimmer will not be registered. We are planning for a good number of swimmers for this meet to DEFEND THE DEN!!! If you have any questions about this meet, please feel free to contact Coach Isaac or Coach Elizabeth.

We hope everyone has a great weekend and a safe 4th of July!



 posted by: George Frank on 6/30/17 5:21 AM
Smoky Muntain Invitational: July 15-16

Hello y'all,

I wanted to touch base with everybody and strongly encourage all of our swimmers to participate in the upcoming Smoky Mountain Invitational taking place at the Alcoa Springbrook pool on Saturday and Sunday, July 15-16. This leagu wide swim meet is hosted by the Maryville-Alcoa Flying Dolphins and is a great preparation meet for the GKAISA City Championship Meet at the end of the season. This meet is designed for the summer swimmer as the year-round USA swimmers are not allowed to participate, allowing our swimmers an opportunity to compete against their "true" summer swimming peers. The meet format will be "timed finals" to complete all events in a single day, as opposed to the "prelims, finals" format used at City Meet. The 11 and Up swimmer events take place on Saturday, July 15 and the 10 and Under swimmer events take place on Sunday, July 16.

Because this is an optional meet, there is a $15 fee per swimmer to participate. The fee can be charged to your Fox Den account, or paid by cash or check to Fox Den CC. Payments can be dropped at the front desk of the club or given to Blair Kerr or George Frank. Similar to City Meet we will have a team tent area. Specific logistical details will be provided to all participants as the meet dates approach. OUR DEADLINE FOR ENTERING SWIMMERS IS WEDNESDAY, JULY 5, SO THE DEADLINE TO REGISTER AND PAY FOR YOUR SWIMMER WILL BE 11:00AM, WEDNESDAY, JULY 5. AFTER THIS TIME WE CANNOT GUARANTEE LATE ENTRY TO THIS MEET.

We are very excited about Fox Den's return to SMI and feel that our swimmers can compete very well in this great event. It can be a long day for the swimmers and families, but I know it will be a very fun and rewarding day as well. Please register your swimmers for the Smoky Mountain Invitational and have them help "DEFEND THE DEN"!!! If you have any questions about this meet, please feel free to contact me or Coach Elizabeth or refer to the SMI website at

Coach Isaac

 posted by: Isaac Taylor on 6/28/17 8:19 AM

Hello Red Foxes,

It’s hard to believe that we are almost half way through the summer swim season. That said, we are now entering the very busy portion of the season with a lot of activities and deadlines happening quickly, one after another. It’s going to be very important to keep on top of registering and volunteering for ALL of the upcoming meets. Here is a quick summary of what’s coming up and the deadlines to be aware of. THIS INFORMATION IS VERY IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ COMPLETELY, MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND TAKE NECESSARY ACTIONS!

THURSDAY, JUNE 29-Home swim meet against Crestwood Hills: The deadline to RSVP was this morning, thank you all for getting your swimmer’s RSVP in before the deadline. There are still a few volunteer positions to be filled, so if you haven’t volunteered yet, please go online and do so now.

THURSDAY JULY 6 - Away swim meet at Gulfwood: RSVP DEADLINE-FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 6:00PM (Please make sure you RSVP in time so the coaches can get the line-ups done early and enjoy the holiday). Once again, please volunteer if you haven’t yet.

TUESDAY, JULY 11 - Away swim meet at West Side Y: RSVP DEADLINE-THURSDAY, JULY 6, 6:00PM. Please volunteer ASAP for this meet.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY, JULY 15-16 - Smoky Mountain Invitational in Alcoa, TN: RSVP DEADLINE-WEDNESDAY, JULY 5, 11:00AM. 11 and Up swimmers on Saturday, 10 and Under swimmers on Sunday. Each swimmer must pay $15 entry fee to participate in this meet. Note the deadline for this is coming up quickly. More details will be sent out soon.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 19 - Away swim meet at Gettysvue CC: RSVP DEADLINE-FRIDAY, JULY 14, 11:00AM. Please volunteer ASAP for this meet.

FRIDAY-SUNDAY, JULY 28-30 - GKAISA City Meet Championship at UT: RSVP DEADLINE-MONDAY, JULY 17, 12:00 noon. 11 and Up swimmer preliminaries on Friday July 28, 10 and Under swimmer preliminaries on Saturday, July 29, all ages finals on Sunday, July 30. More details will be sent out soon.

MONDAY, JULY 31, 5:30-9:00pm - End of Season Celebration at Fox Den Pool: RSVP DEADLINE-FRIDAY JULY 28, 6:00PM

Please let me reiterate how important it is that you RSVP your swimmers for ALL of the upcoming events ASAP. Many of you have already volunteered to work the meets, but that does not mean that your swimmer is automatically registered. This potentially causes two problems, either we'll have a swimmer that is planning to swim but the coaches did not know to include in the line-up, or we are expecting a parent to work and end up not having them at the meet to fulfill their commitment. Please go to the calendar on the website and make sure that you see a RED dot or a GREEN dot on the RSVP button for all meets, and also be sure that you have volunteered for enough meets to fulfill your commitments.

Thank you all for your prompt attention to this information!


 posted by: George Frank on 6/26/17 2:05 PM
Inclement Weather: Practices and Meets

Hello Red Foxes

As we approach our first swim meet this Thursday, I wanted to repost this message from last year as it is relevant with...   more

 posted by: George Frank on 6/13/17 11:03 AM
"And, We're Off..." Team Gear/Weather/Officials Clinic

Hello Red Foxes,

What a beautiful morning we had to kick off our practices today! It was so nice to see so many familiar faces and quite a few new...   more

 posted by: George Frank on 5/30/17 11:45 AM
Let's Get this Season Started!!!

Hello Red Foxes,

Well, it's time to get this season kicked off! We hope everyone has wrapped up the school year and is enjoying the holiday weekend,...   more

 posted by: George Frank on 5/28/17 7:36 PM
Check Out the Fox Den Swim Team Gear Available for Purchase

Hello Red Foxes,

Summer swim league practice begins next week (Tuesday, May 30th) and we know we are all excited to get things going. We’ll be sending more detailed information about practice and the start of the season later this week. Right now, we’d like to share with you some time sensitive information on all of the great Fox Den Swim Team gear that will be available for you and your swimmers to purchase this year to show your support of the team.

Blair Kerr has been working closely with several vendors in identifying and developing several great products that we think will excite everyone and allow us to show off our team spirit at all of our meets this year. These products include the standard team t-shirt that all swimmers receive as part of their registration, a stylish and sporty ladies racer back tank top, a hoodie sweatshirt, a comfy poolside  blanket that can be personalized, mesh shorts for boys and men, sports shorts for girls and ladies, a visor, sunglasses, silicone swim cap, and a car magnet. All of these products are customized with the Fox Den Swim Team logo and will let everyone at all of meets know that you are there to help “Defend the Den”!

We have set up a Team Gear tab on the team website ( and encourage everyone to take a look at the products available to order. We have basic images of the products and will be updating the images on site in the next few days as we receive mock-ups of what the products will look like when they are customized with the Fox Den Swim Team logos and graphics. We will have samples of the products available at practice next week so that you can see and feel the products and some of the sizes before ordering. We will also have computers available at practice for those that would like to go ahead and place their orders.

To ensure that we receive our products before our first swim meet, the deadline for ordering will be 12:00 noon on Friday June 2nd. Please check out these great products and support your Fox Den Swim Team! If you have any questions, pleas feel free to contact Blair Kerr by phone or text at 865-660-4469 or email at


 posted by: George Frank on 5/23/17 7:55 PM
Senior Swimmer (15+) Beach Trip

Hello Red Foxes,

We are happy to introduce something new this year that we are hoping becomes an annual tradition for our senior swimmers. We're sharing this information with everyone so that our younger swimmers and families are aware and look forward to participating in the future. We'd like to thank Lisa Temple, John Gitto, and Coach Elizabeth for working out the details of this activity and look forward to as many of our senior swimmers participating as possible. The following information is from Lisa Temple, who has agreed to organize this year's trip.

We are excited to announce that the Fox Den Swim Team is organizing a beach trip for all interested Senior (15+) Swimmers this year! Coach Isaac and Coach Elizabeth have previously been on teams that have done this, and it has proven to be a great time for team bonding and fun for the kids.  

We are looking at the week of June 18th because there is no meet scheduled that week. We would not be gone the entire week. The game plan would be to rent a house either in Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head for 4 nights, giving swimmers 3 full days at the beach. We would pick a day and leave Fox Den at 7:00 am, travel and return after 4 nights at the beach. Coach Elizabeth is planning to attend, along with her father, John Gitto, as a chaperone. The Gittos have done similar trips in the past with the Village Green swim team and are an invaluable source of information. I have also offered to chaperone. The number of additional chaperones, drivers, the size of the house, and the cost of the trip will obviously be driven by the number of swimmers attending. The estimated cost per swimmer would be approximately $325.00, with most meals included.

No swimmer would be allowed to drive themselves and the safety and well-being of the kids would be of utmost concern. There would be a bedroom for the female chaperones, a bedroom for the female swimmers (4 to a room) and bedroom for the male swimmers – John Gitto will be sleeping where the male swimmers are. 

Kids can enjoy typical beach activities, as well as get in a little training by running and swimming at the beach.

Again, the purpose of the trip is to promote team camaraderie and HAVE FUN! A side benefit would be to give our younger swimmers an incentive to keep swimming so they, too, can someday make the beach trip!

Traditions have to start somewhere, so let’s do this! Obviously we need to know your swimmer’s interest as soon as possible so we can nail down specifics.  

Please email Lisa Temple at or John Gitto at with any questions and to indicate if your swimmer is interested.

Summer Swim Season is upon us! 


 posted by: George Frank on 5/21/17 11:42 AM
Pre-Season Update-Practice Schedule, Registration, Swimsuits

Hello Red Foxes,

May is here and we are now less than four weeks away from the first day of practice on Tuesday, May 30th. We’ve been getting a lot of questions in regards to practice times and we have now confirmed them. They are listed on the team website but I will go ahead and give them to you all now as well. We will be running three daily morning practices with the same schedule as last year, divided by age group. Remember, practices will start a little bit later on Mondays only because the club is closed, and the older swimmers can expect their practices to run a little bit later on Monday’s, but usually no later than 12:00.

The practice times will be as follows:

8 and Under Swimmers

  • Mondays: 9:00-9:45
  • Tuesday-Friday: 8:15-9:00

9-10 and 11-12 Swimmers

  • Mondays: 9:45-10:45
  • Tuesday-Friday: 9:00-10:00

13-14 and 15-18 Swimmers

  • Mondays: 10:30-Finish
  • Tuesday-Friday: 9:45-11:00

Registration has been going very well and we now have over 100 swimmers registered for the 2017 summer swim season. We are pleased to see so many returning swimmers and happy to welcome many new swimmers to the Red Foxes swim family. We are looking forward to meeting all of you and answering any questions you may have. If you have not yet registered, please go online and do so as soon as possible. We are doing a paperless registration this year, and all forms and waivers can be completed online.

Regarding team swimsuits, I spoke with Ashley at Swim and Tri and all suits ordered at registration are available for pick up.  If you have not yet ordered your suit, you can order them directly at the store (5921 Kingston Pike by the Food City near Northshore Dr) or through the team portal at, our team code is “foxesswim” (without the quotes). They can usually have the customized suit to you in a couple days if they have the suit in stock, otherwise it may take 7-10 days if they have to order it. As we get towards the end of May, it could take longer. I suggest that you order you suits by May 23rd to ensure that you have them in time for team picture day on June 9th.

We are excited to see a LOT of very young swimmers joining our program this year, they are the future of our team and look forward to watching them grow and improve in the coming years. However, I need to stress that to be on the swim team, our young swimmers need to be able to swim the length of the pool without hanging on the lane lines or side of the pool. The coaches will be working with the young swimmers to achieve that goal before the Orange and Black meet on June 10th. If your swimmer cannot swim the length of the pool by then, your full registration fee will be refunded. Private individual lessons will also be available through Fox Den Country Club. We’ll send more information on lessons soon.

That’s all for now, we’ll be passing more information along over the next couple weeks so please keep an eye on your email.


 posted by: George Frank on 5/3/17 11:22 AM
Paperless Online Registration is Open-Junior Fair on Sunday

Hello Red Foxes,

I’m sending out this reminder of the Spring Junior Fair taking place Sunday, April 2nd at the club from 3-5pm. We’re hoping that everyone will come out to finalize your swim team registration, enjoy the ice cream social that is being provided and take the opportunity to see all the wonderful activities that the club will be making available for our children this summer. You will also have the opportunity to meet with teammates and coaches, order new swimsuits, see this year’s new team t-shirt design, sign up for your preferred swim meet volunteer positions and receive a special gift for all new and returning team members. For those of you whose memberships have lapsed, please be sure to meet with Fox Den Membership Director Cathy Storm at the Junior Fair to take advantage of the very special offer available for those rejoining the club for the summer and beyond.

Regarding swim team registration, I’d like to update everyone on how the process will be working this year. As we continue to take advantage of the technology through the team website, we are moving to a paperless online registration process this year. Please take a look at the step-by-step instructions below. All of the paper forms and waivers that we previously had to collect have now been embedded in the online registration forms, so all you need to due now is review the referenced information and check the appropriate boxes on the online forms to certify your understanding and agreement. Specifically, I am referring to the GKAISA, Tennessee Sports Concussion Law, and Tennessee Sudden Cardiac Arrest Act certifications.

Online registration is now open on the team website and we will also people available Sunday to assist you in registration on laptops and iPads that we will have available. We highly encourage all families to complete your online registration before coming to club on Sunday. Just bring your receipt and payment and we will make sure that your registration is complete.

We’re happy to also inform everyone that we will be utilizing text messaging more often this year for routine communications. Please make sure you check both the text and email boxes on your profile during the registration process to ensure you receive all team communications.

Online Registration Instructions (This process is much easier to do on a computer or tablet than on a smartphone)

  1. Go to the team website;
  2. Access the “Online Registration” by clicking on the blinking box at the top right corner of the page. (Pop-ups will need to be enabled on your browser)
  3. Click the yellow blinking text if your child was previously on the Fox Den Swim Team. You will be asked to enter your email or street address. If your child was NOT previously with the Fox Den Swim Team, just begin completing the form. Please enter or update the family information requested on the form then click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.
  4. Please enter or update the swimmer information on this page. If you would like your swimmer(s) to receive swim team text or email notifications, please be sure to provide the info and check the appropriate boxes. When you are done entering your swimmer(s) information click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.
  5. The Waivers page contains links at the top to the important information that you MUST review with your swimmer(s). This information is also available on the team homepage. Once you have reviewed this information, check the appropriate boxes on the page and click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.
  6. The Volunteer page at this time will only list the volunteer opportunities for the Orange and Black Meet on June 10th. The swim meet schedule and volunteer positions will not confirmed until late this week. Please attend the Spring Junior Fair to sign up for your preferred volunteer positions. The volunteer opportunities for the other meets will be available the day after the Spring Junior Fair taking place on April 2nd. Volunteer for the Orange and Black Meet and click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.
  7. The last page will provide you with a summary of your swimmer(s) registration. Please review the information carefully. If correct, click the appropriate payment option to complete your registration. If you would like to pay by check (club members and non-members), please select the “Pay Later” button. You can print a copy of your receipt indicating the amount owed. If you are a club member, you can chose to have your registration fees charged to you club account by providing your number (or pending) and selecting the “Pay Now” button. (Your account will be charged at the end of May when the season begins) You will receive an email confirmation of your registration and

Please feel free to contact Blair Kerr via email at or text or call at 865-660-4469 with any questions you may have in regards to registration.

George Frank can be reached at or 865-300-8959 with any general questions about the swim team.

We’re looking forward to another fun and exciting summer for the Fox Den Red Foxes and happy that you will be returning as part of the team.


ACAC Spring Conditioning Program

Hello Red Foxes,

For those of you that may be interested, ACAC in Oak Ridge is offering a Spring Conditioning Program that begins on Monday, April 3rd. If 10 or more swimmers from Fox Den register, they are offering a $25 discount, so make sure you tell them you are with Fox Den when you register. Please see the attached flyer for details.


Registration and Spring Junior Fair - April 2nd, 3-5pm

Hello Red Foxes,

Summer is just around the corner, and the 2017 summer league swim season is about to begin. Registration for the 2017 Fox Den Red Foxes is beginning soon, and we are hoping to see all of you at the Fox Den Spring Junior Fair taking place on Sunday, April 2nd from 3-5pm. We strongly encourage all families to register for the swim team at the Spring Junior Fair and see what other programs the club will be offering for our children this summer. Attending the Junior Spring Fair will give the swimmers and parents the opportunity to meet with teammates and coaches, order new swimsuits from the Swim and Tri representatives (we will be using the same suit design as last year), see this year’s new t-shirts, sign up for your preferred swim meet volunteer positions and receive a special gift for all new and returning swimmers!

We are happy to announce that Coach Isaac and Coach Elizabeth will be returning as the Red Foxes Head Coach and Assistant Coach this summer. We are also excited to announce Olympic gold medalist Claire Donahue will be joining the Red Foxes as an Assistant Coach as well. Coach Isaac is actively looking for additional assistant coaches and hope to have all coaching positions filled by the time practice begins on May 30, 2017.

We have some very important information to share about Fox Den Country Club memberships as it relates to the swim team and summer memberships. This year, to receive the member registration rate for your swimmers, you MUST have an active membership on or before your swimmer’s first day of practice. The club has a special promotion that will be waiving the $250 initiation fee for all returning members between April 1st and May 31st. In other words, it will be less expensive to begin your membership during this period and pay the dues rather than waiting until June 1st and needing to pay the initiation fee for your membership. (You’ll also have access to the pool and club during the Memorial Day weekend). I have attached a letter the club has sent out to past members detailing this offer and other changes taking place at the club. Cathy Storm, the Fox Den CC Membership Director, will be available during the Spring Junior Fair on April 2nd to assist you with reapplying and answer any questions you may have.

Finally, here are some important dates to make note of on your calendars, we’ll be forwarding more information on these events as we approach the start of the season:

  • Sunday, April 2nd, 3-5pm – Fox Den Spring Junior Fair
  • Tuesday, May 30th – First Day of Practice
  • Thursday, June 1st, 6-8pm – GKAISA Officials Clinic at Fox Den Country Club
  • Friday, June 9th, 9-11am – Team Picture Day
  • Saturday, June 10th, 8-11am – Fox Den Red Foxes Orange and Black Intrasquad Swim Meet
  • Saturday, June 10th, 11am-4pm – Fox Den Swim For The Cure
  • Saturday-Sunday, July 15th-16th – Smoky Mountain Invitational, Maryville TN
  • Friday-Sunday, July 28th-30th – GKAISA City Meet Championship
  • Monday, July 31st, 5:30-9pm: Fox Den Red Foxes End-of-Year Swim Team Pizza and Pool Party

Please feel free to contact me with any questions by phone or text at 865-300-8959 or email at .


 posted by: George Frank on 3/22/17 4:21 PM
That's a Wrap on Another Great Season!!!

Hello Red Foxes,

I sure hope everyone had a great time last night at the 2016 End-of-Year Celebration! Thank you all for attending and a special thank you to those that brought the delicious desserts to share. We appreciate everyone's patience as the program part of the evening went much later than we had anticipated, but the length of the program is directly related to all of the great success that the Red Foxes had at City Meet and throughout the season and we wanted to make sure that we were able to recognize everybody's great effort and achievements!

Before I get into the bulk of this email, I want to recognize Lisa Temple for her fantastic efforts in organizing this year's Fox Den Swim for a Cure activities, which unfortunately had to be postponed a week early in the season. I apologize for failing to recognize her efforts at the party last night. Thanks for doing a great job Lisa!!!

For those of you that were unable to attend last night, we presented our younger swimmers (10 and under) with a personalized 2016 Fox Den Red Foxes Swim Team medal and for older swimmers (11 and Up) they were presented with a Fox Den Swim Team sling backpack. After Wednesday afternoon, you can swing by Fox Den Country Club and pick up your swimmer's gifts and any ribbons or medals that they earned this year at the front desk between 10-7 through Saturday August 13th, and then from August 23rd through Labor Day. You will not be able to get them 8/14-21 due to the 2016 Knoxville News Sentinel Open that will be taking place at Fox Den CC.

I'll quickly summarize the season as Coach Isaac shared with us last night. The Red Foxes ended up with a 3-2 regular season record in League 3, placing us in 2nd place behind Holston Hills, who went undefeated this year will be moving up to League 2 in 2017. In City Meet, the Red Foxes placed 9th amongst all the teams in GKAISA with a total of 712 points, our first top 10 finish in many years. The Red Foxes continuously scored well in Sunday's finals in nearly all of the relay events and many of the individual events. Once again, many of our swimmers in the Friday and Saturday preliminaries recorded personal bests in almost all of their events, with many more personal bests occurring in the finals on Sunday also. This 9th place finish at City Meet placed us above all of the 2017 League 3 teams and many of the League 2 teams, indicating that the 2017 Red Foxes will be a team well prepared to contend strongly for the League 3 title and at City Meet also. All of the coaches and parents are proud of the commitment, dedication and effort that all of our swimmers put into this season.

I've attached to this email the 2016 City Meet final team scores as well as the Sunday final's results. I've also posted these documents and the complete results that include the Friday and Saturday preliminary as well as Sunday final results.

We will be sending out an email soon asking for your participation in an end-of-season survey that we will conducting. Please take a few minutes to provide us with some feedback, comments and suggestions that will help us improve the summer swim experience that we offer your children. Also if you are interested in actively participating in improving your Red Foxes swim team, please feel free to reach out to myself, Blair Kerr, or Rob Burris. You can find all of our contact information on the team website.

Thank you all for great season and for your continued commitment to the Fox Den Red Foxes!!! I truly believe we have one of the best summer swim teams in Knoxville and I look forward to working with all of you next year on making the experience for the kids better. I hope everyone has a great school year and look forward to seeing all of you at the Fox Den Junior Fair in the spring as we kick off registration for the 2017 season.


 posted by: George Frank on 8/2/16 12:24 PM
City Meet Wrap-Up

Hello Red Foxes,

Well, the swim part of the 2016 summer swim season is over, all that's left is our End-of-Year Celebration taking place this evening at the Fox Den pool. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there tonight. I know some of your swimmers are looking forward to sleeping in for the last few days of summer break, or if they're like mine, they're already jumping into the "next season".

I wanted to pass along the following message we received from Mollie DeLozier, the GKAISA Board President:

On behalf of the GKAISA Board, thank you to all who worked the GKAISA Championship Meet.  It takes about one thousand volunteers to make the meet run smoothly.  Without all teams doing their part--and sometimes more than that--this meet would not happen.  Knoxville is blessed to have a deep and supportive swimming community, and we appreciate your contributions to it.  

Best wishes,

Mollie DeLozier, President, GKAISA

Rob Burris and I would like to echo her sentiment and especially thank all of the Red Foxes parents that helped out this past weekend at City Meet. We are proud that our team is always ready to step up and enthusiastically fulfill our commitments. 

Tomorrow, I will be sending out the final City Meet team scores and results of the Finals that took place on Sunday. I don't want to steal any thunder from Coach Isaac and the rest of the coaches as they want to recognize all of our Red Foxes finalists at tonight's party. Remember if you haven't had a chance to RSVP for tonight's party or contribute to the coaches gifts, you need to contact Blair Kerr right away at  or 865-660-4469.

 posted by: George Frank on 8/1/16 6:45 AM
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